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The all-in-one tool for authors who want to simplify their business.
Shayne Silvers - International bestselling author of the Nate Temple and Feathers & Fire series
"One service to rule them all… Self-Publishing can be difficult – remembering all the different software, passwords, websites, forms, reports, and a dozen other things. But in rides ReaderLinks on a white horse to save the day. This is a self-publishing MUST for any author serious about being successful – while still having time for a personal life.
This service was a huge asset in allowing me to write full time and become a worldwide bestselling author."

Marketing tools

  • Track Amazon sales
  • Track Ad Spends
  • Track promotions

Publishing tools

  • Manage reader teams
  • Track tasks per book
  • Track tasks overall

Link tracking

  • Track clicks per book
  • Country-specific links
  • Automatic common URLs

Crystal-clear Amazon KDP reporting

  • Easily track sales per book, pages read, KDP softcovers & free downloads
  • Spot which of your links are driving interest with link click data
  • Reporting is provided per book and overall
Susan Alexander - International bestselling author of The Maxwell series
"RL is a one-stop shop that has everything an author needs to organize their books, links for each book and specific to vendor platforms, calendars, promotions, tasks, reader teams set up for each book, and KDP sales. I love how I can track sales against link clicks for each book. There's so much awesomeness in this tool that I can¹t gush highly enough about, including the creators who are the coolest guys in the industry."

Manage your reader team with ease

  • Set rules for your readers and communicate clearly
  • Never miss a mistake
  • Easily track the readers who participate
Maggie Jaimeson - Romance author of the popular Sweetwater Canyon romance series
"With the ARC Team tool it builds the ARC information page (like a landing page) containing opening and closing dates and whatever rules or requirements you decide to make. The tool takes care of sign ups, and then tracks everything the user does. It allows me to ask specific questions for feedback or just leave it open ended. The team member can upload their actual review or, even better, provide a link to it. The tool builds a database of responses and answers, and tracks it all by specific ARC team member."

Organize links per book

  • Unlike and other services, we let you manage links per book
  • Links send your customers to the proper country site with affiliate codes
  • Make links that use your own domain name by using the ReaderLinks plug-in
Deanndra Hall
"ReaderLinks has helped me a great deal to figure out where most of the clicks to my books are coming from. This allows me to concentrate more on the high-performing locations. I use ReaderLinks in nearly everything I do - social media, my website, my newsletter. I’ve even used them for QR codes on promotional materials."

Stop making dozens of links for every book launch

  • Automatically craft link types that are required for every book (i.e. a back-matter link to your series page)
  • Change the destination of a URL on the fly without having to republish it in the wild
  • Change the affiliate link of a URL on the fly
Nicholas Rossis - International bestselling author of the Pearseus series
"ReaderLinks offers everything an author could ask for—and more. The international links alone would justify subscribing, but there’s also the author-centric calendar that makes organizing your book promos and launches a breeze, and the book sales report which offers a vast improvement over Amazon’s own KDP Report! I had to use at least 3 different services before discovering ReaderLinks—and pay each of them a monthly subscription. Now, I can do everything I’ve ever wanted to do (and several things I have yet to explore in full) from a single place. If you’re an author, what more can you ask for?"

Manage your author calendar

  • Easily track To-Dos that always need to get done (i.e. give your cover artist fair warning about your new book)
  • Use the Book Calendar to track the schedule for one book
  • Use the Master Calendar to track the schedule for your entire library
Orlando A. Sanchez - International bestselling author of the Montague & Strong Detective Agency series
"As an independent author, time is my most important concern. I used to have several programs to handle the different facets of marketing. It was expensive in time and money. Now with ReaderLinks at the center of my publishing business, I can handle the bulk of my marketing with one affordable program. ReaderLinks allows me to manage reader teams, organize my books, monitor my promotions, create custom links, and use the calendar feature to keep track of everything with one easy to use interface."

Keep doing what works, stop doing what doesn't

  • Track your promotions on the ReaderLinks calendar
  • Rank promos you've spent money on so you can build on success
  • Keep notes on all historical promotions
Drue Hoffman - Co-Owner, Buoni Amici Press, LLC and Personal Assistant
"As a PA to several authors and the owner of a PR firm, ReaderLinks is a must-have product.
I can easily track the various promotions run for each author. From paid advertising to blog tours, ReaderLinks provides a wealth of information to help me track the performance of a promotion. From that information, I can then decide which promotions work the best and are worth repeating."

Make Amazon shine

  • Craft beautiful, succinct Amazon descriptions for your book's product page
  • Save your description in your book record for easy tweaks later
  • WYSIWYG! What you see in ReaderLinks is what you'll get on Amazon
Eric Knowles - International bestselling author of the ERIS series
"Using ReaderLinks saved me a ton of time! From the ReaderLinks panel, I can track my sales; create custom smart links and track clicks; communicate with my reader teams and track their feedback; and keep track of my social media and promo-site campaigns so I can remind myself at a glance which campaigns worked, and which promo-sites are worth revisiting."

Show your readers what they're missing

  • One page where your readers can see all of your books
  • One page for all of your store links, with international and affiliate support
  • One page for your readers to find your books' review links
Benjamin Wallace - International bestselling author of the Duck & Cover Adventures, the Junkers series, The Bulletproof Adventures of Damian Stockwell and the Dumb White Husband books
"A successful indie author is required to write multiple books, market their brand, advertise their stories and promote their own offers all while being expected to maintain a respectable level of hygiene. It’s a lot to ask of anyone and, most especially, a person with a natural inclination to stare off into space for hours. ReaderLinks contains virtually every tool an indie author needs to help them succeed except for the coffee and self pity. ReaderLinks covers everything from tracking to managing ARC readers and their responses. Finally every tool I need is in one place. Now where’s my coffee?"
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