What is ReaderLinks?
ReaderLinks is a subscription service that primarily provides tools for authors. Among these tools is the ability to track the distribution of an Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) to readers who are interested in helping to make the book read better. These readers are part of what we call a Reader Team.

What is my role as a reader on ReaderLinks?
The reader's role on ReaderLinks is to read early copies of books and provide feedback based on the needs of the author. Each author needs different things from their project and it's up to them to communicate those needs clearly. Our hope is that we can help you find talented authors who will be favorites for life!

How does ReaderLinks work?
Authors can create ARCs for distribution to their team by sending an invite. This invite will have a link for you to follow. Depending on how much info the author has filled out, the reader will be taken to a page with details on the book. When you click on the Apply button your request to join the team will be sent to the author who can then approve or reject your request to apply.

I got an invite from an author and then he rejected my request to join. Why? Reader teams can fill up fast. If you feel like you want to join the team then we recommend you reach out to the author directly.

Why do I need to sign in with Facebook?
We depend on Facebook for one reason...log-in. It's so widely used that we've found it to be most convenient for our customers. We do not ask for permission to post to your feed or see any of your information because we don't have any need for that information.

Can my Facebook friends see my activity on ReaderLinks? No. ReaderLinks doesn't share, store or display personal information.

How do I report an issue in a book?
Click on the Issues tab and click on the Add New Issue to This Book button. Select the chapter where you found the issue and type it in. You should also make a suggestion.

Why can I see other reader's Issue Reports?
To avoid duplicate reports we allow readers to see each others' reports. It saves everytone time if they can see that the problem has already been reported.

I want to change the suggestion I made on one of my Issue Reports.
Easy! Just go to the Issues tab and click on the View/Edit icon for your Issue Report. If the issue has not been closed by the author then you can make your edits on that screen.

What if an author is being abusive?
You can leave the ARC project by going to your homepage and clicking Leave This ARC.

Do I need to submit a review?
Like any other community we all depend on each other to do what's expected of us. There are no contracts between author and reader but an author is expected to share their work with you before anyone else and they would like an honest review from you. If you join a team and do not deliver your side of the deal then an author may decide to reject you from future teams.